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Package java.text

Changed Classes and Interfaces
AttributedCharacterIterator An AttributedCharacterIterator allows iteration through both text and related attribute information.
CharacterIterator This interface defines a protocol for bidirectional iteration over text.
ChoiceFormat A ChoiceFormat allows you to attach a format to a range of numbers.
CollationElementIterator The CollationElementIterator class is used as an iterator to walk through each character of an international string.
CollationKey A CollationKey represents a String under the rules of a specific Collator object.
Collator The Collator class performs locale-sensitive String comparison.
DateFormat DateFormat is an abstract class for date/time formatting subclasses which formats and parses dates or time in a language-independent manner.
DateFormatSymbols DateFormatSymbols is a public class for encapsulating localizable date-time formatting data such as the names of the months the names of the days of the week and the time zone data.
DecimalFormat DecimalFormat is a concrete subclass of NumberFormat that formats decimal numbers.
DecimalFormatSymbols This class represents the set of symbols (such as the decimal separator the grouping separator and so on) needed by DecimalFormat to format numbers.
FieldPosition FieldPosition is a simple class used by Format and its subclasses to identify fields in formatted output.
Format Format is an abstract base class for formatting locale-sensitive information such as dates messages and numbers.
MessageFormat MessageFormat provides a means to produce concatenated messages in language-neutral way.
NumberFormat NumberFormat is the abstract base class for all number formats.
ParseException Signals that an error has been reached unexpectedly while parsing.
ParsePosition ParsePosition is a simple class used by Format and its subclasses to keep track of the current position during parsing.
RuleBasedCollator The RuleBasedCollator class is a concrete subclass of Collator that provides a simple data-driven table collator.
SimpleDateFormat SimpleDateFormat is a concrete class for formatting and parsing dates in a locale-sensitive manner.