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Package javax.accessibility

Added Classes and Interfaces
AccessibleIcon The AccessibleIcon interface should be supported by any object that has an associated icon (e.g.

Class AccessibleRelation describes a relation between the object that implements the AccessibleRelation and one or more other objects.

AccessibleRelationSet Class AccessibleRelationSet determines a component's relation set.
AccessibleTable Class AccessibleTable describes a user-interface component that presents data in a two-dimensional table format.
AccessibleTableModelChange The AccessibleTableModelChange interface describes a change to the table model.

Changed Classes and Interfaces
AccessibleAction The AccessibleAction interface should be supported by any object that can perform one or more actions.

Base class used to maintain a strongly typed enumeration.

AccessibleComponent The AccessibleComponent interface should be supported by any object that is rendered on the screen.
AccessibleContext AccessibleContext represents the minimum information all accessible objects return.
AccessibleHyperlink Encapsulation of a link or set of links (e.g.

The AccessibleHypertext class is the base class for all classes that present hypertext information on the display.

AccessibleResourceBundle A resource bundle containing the localized strings in the accessibility package.

Class AccessibleRole determines the role of a component.

AccessibleSelection This AccessibleSelection interface provides the standard mechanism for an assistive technology to determine what the current selected children are as well as modify the selection set.

Class AccessibleState describes a component's particular state.

AccessibleStateSet Class AccessibleStateSet determines a component's state set.

The AccessibleText interface should be implemented by all classes that present textual information on the display.

AccessibleValue The AccessibleValue interface should be supported by any object that supports a numerical value (e.g.