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Package javax.swing.plaf.metal

Added Classes
MetalBorders.PaletteBorder Border for a Palatte.
MetalBorders.TableHeaderBorder Border for a Table Header
MetalIconFactory.PaletteCloseIcon Defines an icon for Palette close
MetalInternalFrameTitlePane Class that manages a JLF title bar

Changed Classes
DefaultMetalTheme This class describes the default Metal Theme.
MetalBorders Factory object that can vend Borders appropriate for the metal L & F.
MetalButtonUI MetalButtonUI implementation
MetalCheckBoxIcon CheckboxIcon implementation for OrganicCheckBoxUI
MetalCheckBoxUI CheckboxUI implementation for MetalCheckboxUI
MetalComboBoxButton JButton subclass to help out MetalComboBoxUI
MetalComboBoxEditor The default editor for Metal editable combo boxes
MetalComboBoxIcon This utility class draws the horizontal bars which indicate a MetalComboBox
MetalComboBoxUI Metal UI for JComboBox
MetalDesktopIconUI Metal desktop icon.
MetalFileChooserUI Metal L&F implementation of a FileChooser.
MetalIconFactory Factory object that can vend Icons appropriate for Metal.
MetalInternalFrameUI Metal implementation of JInternalFrame.
MetalLabelUI A Windows L&F implementation of LabelUI.
MetalLookAndFeel Implements The Metal Look and Feel.
MetalPopupMenuSeparatorUI A Metal L&F implementation of PopupMenuSeparatorUI.
MetalProgressBarUI The Metal implementation of ProgressBarUI.
MetalRadioButtonUI RadioButtonUI implementation for MetalRadioButtonUI
MetalScrollPaneUI A Metal L&F implementation of ScrollPaneUI.
MetalSeparatorUI A Metal L&F implementation of SeparatorUI.
MetalSliderUI A Java L&F implementation of SliderUI.
MetalSplitPaneUI Metal split pane.
MetalTextFieldUI Basis of a look and feel for a JTextField.
MetalTheme This interface acts as a generic way to describe the colors used by Metal.
MetalToggleButtonUI MetalToggleButton implementation
MetalToolBarUI A Metal Look and Feel implementation of ToolBarUI.
MetalToolTipUI A Metal L&F extension of BasicToolTipUI.
MetalTreeUI MetalTreeUI supports the client property "value-add" system of customization It uses it to determine what style of line to draw.