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Package java.awt.font

Removed Classes

Added Classes
TextMeasurer TextMeasurer provides the primitive operations needed for line break: measuring up to a given advance determining the advance of a range of characters and generating a TextLayout for a range of characters.

Changed Classes
FontRenderContext The FontRenderContext class is a container for the information needed to correctly measure text.
GlyphJustificationInfo The GlyphJustificationInfo class represents information about the justification properties of a glyph.
GlyphVector A GlyphVector object is a collection of glyphs containing geometric information for the placement of each glyph in a transformed coordinate space which corresponds to the device on which the GlyphVector is ultimately displayed.
LineBreakMeasurer The LineBreakMeasurer class allows styled text to be broken into lines (or segments) that fit within a particular visual advance.
TextAttribute The TextAttribute class defines attribute keys and attribute values used for text rendering.
TextLayout TextLayout is an immutable graphical representation of styled character data.