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Package java.awt.geom

Changed Classes and Interfaces
AffineTransform The AffineTransform class represents a 2D affine transform that performs a linear mapping from 2D coordinates to other 2D coordinates that preserves the "straightness" and "parallelness" of lines.
Area The Area class is a device-independent specification of an arbitrarily-shaped area.
CubicCurve2D The CubicCurve2D class defines a cubic parametric curve segment in (x   y) coordinate space.
Dimension2D The Dimension2D class is to encapsulate a width and a height dimension.
Ellipse2D The Ellipse2D class describes an ellipse that is defined by a bounding rectangle.
GeneralPath The GeneralPath class represents a geometric path constructed from straight lines and quadratic and cubic (Bézier) curves.
IllegalPathStateException The IllegalPathStateException represents an exception that is thrown if an operation is performed on a path that is in an illegal state with respect to the particular operation being performed such as appending a path segment to a GeneralPath without an initial moveto.
Line2D This Line2D represents a line segment in (x  y) coordinate space.
NoninvertibleTransformException The NoninvertibleTransformException class represents an exception that is thrown if an operation is performed requiring the inverse of an AffineTransform object but the AffineTransform is in a non-invertible state.
PathIterator The PathIterator interface provides the mechanism for objects that implement the Shape interface to return the geometry of their boundary by allowing a caller to retrieve the path of that boundary a segment at a time.
Point2D The Point2D class defines a point representing a location in (x  y) coordinate space.
Point2D.Double The Double class defines a point specified in double precision.
Point2D.Float The Float class defines a point specified in float precision.
QuadCurve2D The QuadCurve2D class defines a quadratic parametric curve segment in (x  y) coordinate space.
Rectangle2D The Rectangle2D class describes a rectangle defined by a location (x  y) and dimension (w x h).
Rectangle2D.Double The Double class defines a rectangle specified in double coordinates.
Rectangle2D.Float The Float class defines a rectangle specified in float coordinates.
RectangularShape RectangularShape is the base class for a number of Shape objects whose geometry is defined by a rectangular frame.
RoundRectangle2D The RoundRectangle2D class defines a rectangle with rounded corners defined by a location (x  y) a dimension (w x h) and the width and height of an arc with which to round the corners.